RaceDay Event Software

RaceDay Software was developed in the heat of the registration and results battles at over 700 events and 10 years. This simple yet powerful software package allows you to manage your event from the close of online registration to onsite registration. The software creates start and results sheets, allow for the emailing of results to your participants, and assists with loading results back to a posting site. RaceDay Event Software supports USA Cycling Results and Rankings upload and has a built-in competitive cycling participant database to allow registration entry of athletes using just their license number.An internet connection is required only to download the software and email the results or upload them to a posting site.All you need is a computer. There are no special programs needed – RaceDay Event Software is Excel driven – and no special setup.From start to finish our goal is easy and fast for the event director, event staff and volunteers, and officials.

RaceDay Event Software – total event management software from pre-registration to post event results upload

RaceDay Lap Counter – A program that allows for the counting laps and preparing a file to upload into RaceDay software

Thanks for deciding to purchase a copy of RaceDay Event Software and take your event registration and results to a new level. There are two methods to purchase your copy:

Option 1: You may have the cost of RaceDay Event Software deducted from your BikeReg.com Event account. When you click Purchase Now, an email will be sent to BikeReg.com, and they will show the purchase as an expense against your event. After your purchase has been processed, a copy of RaceDay Event Software will be email to you. You must request this no later than midnight on Wednesday before your event.

Option 2: By choosing this Option you will receive a phone call shortly from a RaceDay Event Software representative who will arrange for payment with a credit card. You will then receive your copy of RaceDay Event Software and receipt via email.

Cost of RaceDay Software per event is $110.00.  If you are using BikeReg.com as your online service provider we offer a $50.00 discount so your prices is $60.00


Download a version of RaceDay to test which is good for 2 hours. Once the two hours have passed it will become a Excel workbook.  You can use the resorce links at the right to run RaceDay once you have downloaded it. We suggest that you download the test files and save them on your desktop prior to testing RaceDay.

Demo Page

Here you can find support details, video and downloads to make using RaceDay software easy to use at your next event



RaceDay Event Software is a program written in Visual Basic Application (VBA) in a Microsoft Excel environment.

We have written in the activation code so that starting the software is easy and requires no internet connection after the initial download.

The only additional software requirement is that you enable macros upon opening Excel. This will enable the RaceDay functionality.

RaceDay works in both Excel 2003,2007, and 2010.  While RaceDay Event Software is developed in a Windows environment use of a Mac may be possible if the hard drive is partitioned and a Windows environment and Microsoft Excel is installed. Excel 2011 has added the ability to work with macros in a Mac as well as in Windows.

Our stellar customer service is available to you anytime. We encourage you to purchase your copy of RaceDay a week before your event. You can download a demo version anytime and and run through it to learn the ins and outs before your event. RaceDay is easy and fast to learn and the more you use it the easier it is to run in the heat of registration on the day of your event.

If you are going to have staff run registration you should also have them download a demo version to practice as well.

Demo Download

Be sure to activate and run your licenses copy of RaceDay on the computer you are going to use on the day of the event.